The Dangers of Extreme Weight Loss

Many people in a desperate bid to lose weight resort to questionable practices that can lead to extreme weight loss, at least in the short run. Unless it involves a medical procedure performed under the supervision of a doctor any attempt at extreme weight loss by a individual is not recommended and can result in serious health issues. Common sense along with realistic goals must play a key role in any weight loss plan. Losing weight will require effort and discipline but the health benefits experienced will far out weigh any short term discomfort. The good news is that today more is known about how to lose weight successfully and there is a wide variety of tools available to the person who is truly serious about regaining their health and vitality by returning to their normal body weight. However there are a few simple guidelines one must follow in any successful weight loss program.

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Began by scheduling a appointment with your Doctor to discuss your desire to lose weight. Many people make the mistake of wanting to lose weight to quickly and go on diets in which they experience extreme weight loss if only for a short amount of time. Your Doctor is well aware of the health risks associated with being over weight and will work with you to establish a sensible weight loss plan as well as setting realistic goals concerning how much weight you should lose.

Proper diet is a vital first step in any weight loss program and must be thought out carefully. Anybody wanting to be successful in their attempt to lose weight must educate themselves on what foods will help them lose weight versus what foods will sabotage their plans to lose weight. Remember that any type of diet that you may be tempted to follow which promises extreme weight loss over a short period of time is to be avoided. Following one of these types of diets is almost guaranteed to lead to failure. For starters it is extremely difficult for most people to stay with one of these diets for any length of time. After the initial success at losing weight many people are disappointed when the weight returns.

Exercise will play a key role in how successful you are in losing weight. Any type of movement will burn calories. Depending on your fitness level you will need to become involved in some form of exercise. This is where including your Doctor in your plans for losing weight are vital. Your Doctor will be able to gauge your current fitness level and will advise you on a exercise program that is right for you. Once you have been given the go ahead to began a exercise program sticking to it will greatly increase your chances of losing weight. Finding some type of activity you enjoy will make exercising much more enjoyable and will increase the odds that you will stay with it.

Losing weight is not rocket science but by following some simple guidelines you will have a much better chance of following through with your weight lose program and maintaining a healthy body weight. Avoiding the temptation to fall for diets that claim you can experience extreme weight loss quickly will give you a greater chance for a successful weight loss experience.

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